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    kas1e wrote:

    And there is those morphos only bugs about which i say (and on which i point our itix few times already);


    And that one maybe easy maybe not:


    So, once those 4 bugs will be fixed, mos version (probably) will be ready.

    In meantime, everyone can help us with this way:

    - go on dopus5.org
    - download http://dopus5.org/downloads/nightly/Dopus5_92_dev_mos_debug.lha
    - unpack it, and try to run (from icon, from shell, etc, any way) and use it.
    - any bugs you found report here https://sourceforge.net/p/dopus5allamigas/bugs/ , or , here, i will repost them to bug-repo page.

    Also, you may try to download os3 version: http://dopus5.org/downloads/nightly/Dopus5_92_dev_os3_debug.lha , and alos try it on morphos.

    Well, I downloaded Dopus5_92_dev_mos_debug.lha (Build date: 20.09.2015) and tested it.

    morphos: filetype.module crashes

    OK. It seems that the fyletype module now works correctly.

    #11 morphos: crash in configopus.module when in "Settings/Environment" you choice Palette

    OK. I'm able to use Palette.

    #34 morphos: when running dopus5 from shell then "mixer" binary automatically runs too.

    OK. The "mixer" program does not appear.

    #2 morphos: ftp.module didn't works at all

    NO! The FTP module still does not work. When I open the default FTP button bank, the "Address Book" and "Connect" button do not react to mouse clicks. Only the "Edit config" button works. Furthermore, if I try to edit the button bank and select a button, MorphOS "Log server" window opens and signals:
       Type   !
       Name   dopus_button_editor
       Category   LineF
    And of course the editing locks up.


    Let me signal a "forever" standing bug in all DOpus Amiga versions, that was corrected in DOpus 6 (PC version) and following. When one copies all the contents of a directory tree, file dates are cloned, but directory dates are the current creation dates. Several years ago I wrote an ARexx routine that runs just after the copy is ended and clones all the original directory dates, so for me the problem is solved. Anyway, inserting something similar in DOpus "copy" code would be fine...
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