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    We release new stable verions (5.91) of dopus5 for os3/os4/aros(arm and i386) , but we still looking for capable morphos coder who want to spend 1-2 days of his life to fix 2-3 morphos-only bugs which are important and while they stay, we can't release morphos version together with all others. Anyone ?

    Btw, jPV is right, that one: http://kas1e.mikendezign.com/misc/dopus5/opus_installed_original_582.lha , are pure 5.80 with applied patches till 5.82, without any changes. So for morphos it probably the best to get that one without needs to worry with 5.80 and manually adding patches. It also uploaded on dopus5.org with some simple readme (check at bottom of dopus5.org page)

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