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    jPV wrote:
    But yeah, it would be really great if any other would test and report any bugs they find to them. It would be good to have at least that new 68k version more stable/compatible at first.

    Thanks anyway, I must say I have been able to use newer Dopus on OS 4.1 (which is a bit more tested and bugfixed) and ... as they say in porns "once you go black, you never go back" :-)

    Several new features has been added, a LOT of old bugs has been fixed, and it is a great result of bounty - maybe one of the best I have seen so far. Its neat, working and beautiful continuation of best file manager ever. Surely, there are some new bugs added, as always.

    I don`t use it as WB/Ambient replacement, but as pure file manager, but what I loved with Magellan was even more file windows and even better configurability then in past pre-Magellan versions.
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