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    jPV wrote:
    Oh about those addons... original ArcDir probably hits still, so it's better to replace it with XADopus as I said on my guide too. Other modules which I remember I have in use... CycleMode to use keyboard to cycle between view modes, RootParent to go to device list when going enough up in directory structure, Cut'n'Paste to get standard copy/cut/paste functions for files... well, at least those.

    Basically all stuff should work, but of course they might have bugs. You should check MorphOS's debug log when trying new stuff, those bugs are easier to spot on MorphOS than it was on Amiga :) And of course stuff that uses Amiga chipsets directly don't work in this case either (like some audio player add-ons etc).

    Is there anyone willing to step out to help Dopus 5.9x and onward development?

    Message from Kas1e http://amigaworld.net/userinfo.php?uid=2213 that maintains it


    Currently there is no MOS developers willing to fix few morphos-only bugs in dopus5. Generaly everything compiles for morphos already, only few little bits needs fixing , whih happens on morphos only. But , no developers willing to step in with that. For os4 version we with xenic worry about, for aros version it was BSzili, for 68k version xenic do some fixes from time to time as well.
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