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    @jPV & @Andreas_Wolf

    It took me a while to figure out how I am supposed to install DOpus from the dms on the sourceforge but finally I used xdms, mount the extracted adfs via FileImageCtrl and used the new Installer from Aminet to launch the scripts. The Installer of MagellanII worked ok but the 5.81-82 lha updates could not locate my Dopus drawer. Manually copying the files after extraction did the trick. Perhaps a reboot between the installation process was required, I dunno. Still, a 5 lines installation readme would be helpful :P

    Anyway, I downloaded also kas1e file and it seems to be what I was originally looking for. So now I have them both. 68k DOpus uses the old black and white icons and suffers from the shitty icon (I know jPV's mentions how to get rid of it though) from what I could see after a first glance. Does it worth to mess around with DOpus plus CD? Does it have themes and newer icons (so as to look at least partially coherent with Ambient)? Also, which add - ons would you recommend? Is it possible to have add-on incompatibility?

    Btw, Magellambient doesn't work when put inside WBStartUp (it loads DOpus on its own screen etc). If clicked manually it works ok after Ambient loads it's ok. I will further investigate it though.
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