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    Cool_amigaN wrote:

    Ok I assigned it, rebooted and I had a complete freeze on half way once Dopus was loading. Manual reboot did the trick, however Dopus takes complete control of my Ambient after each boot if I have MagellanUnderAmbient enabled on WBstartUp (resulting to the usual gray background without 32bit icon support etc). If I disable it and manually click it each time after boot it works ok. Perhaps there is some sort of incompatibility with Magellambient and latest dopus?

    Yeah, it sounds like MagellanUnderAmbient doesn't succeed to hide the DOpus main window. It should hide it and leave Ambient visible as a last step. I now begin to remember, that those new open source versions have different task name for main dopus executable and I had to configure task name with D2A (you can do it from its tooltypes), but maybe it's the problem with MagellanUnderAmbient too... and maybe it's hardcoded into it and you can't configure it. At least with a quick look I don't see anything to configure for that...

    I guess I could try if I can achieve it, but on some other day...


    Do you happen to have a stock 5.82 version available to share? Because I can't seem to locate a ready to unpack lha file of it..

    My version is too messed up to be shared.. installed in 1998 or so on A1200, first install with cracked version, then updated with legal bought version over it, tuned over the years, and finally copied to MorphOS :)

    Hmmm... was there some ready to unpack archive somewhere after the open sourcing? I can't remember for sure... but feels like there might have been. Would need more googling... quickly I can't find anything than original disk images. Or did AmiKit have their version of dopus downloadable somewhere before open sourcing? They had some kind of deal and there were at least some contributions downloadable separately.

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