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    Cool_amigaN wrote:

    Did everything you described up above but I keep getting a wbrun assign requester for DOpus each time I boot (though I assign it). What could have been wrong?

    Do you have dopus5: assign in your s:user-startup (and pointing to correct dir)? I don't remember for sure, but it might have been that those new dopus builds didn't require assign before launching it...


    Btw, once I assign it, it opens Dopus on a custom screen (you know with 32 png icon support etc).

    Oh yeah... you have to configure dopus to use WB screen instead of its own screen (Settings -> Environment -> Display -> Workbench:Use), otherwise you can't get the dopus stuff over Ambient, which is the point with these.


    Also, with Magellambient you cannot open standard Ambient listers whenever you want, similar to D2A behavior?

    Wasn't Magellambient using double middle click to open dopus listers? Then you still can open Ambient listers with double left click on desktop. With D2A you can either use double left click or single middle click to open dopus listers... I'm using it so that I can still double left click Ambient listers up and single middle click to open dopus listers.. so I can easily open whichever lister I want depending the situation.


    Last but not least, I do find myself latest DOpus nightly build a bit unstable (keeps freezing in random times)... Should I revert to the 5.82 68 version?

    I think it could be the easiest to set everything up with the original 5.82, and after you have it running correctly, then you may test with newer builds if you need the newer features and if it will be stable and fast enough for your use.

    I admit that I haven't had time/motivation to try those latest builds recently, but last time I tested them it felt that there's still a long road ahead to make them stable, and I'd be surprised if they'd be there yet. As a personal opinion if original features are enough, why to rush to use newer ones? Original is stable as rock and feels even quicker than those new GCC versions. I still have much better trust to original version... and I use dopus listers in name mode only, so it doesn't matter that much if it doesn't show PNG icons etc. But if those new versions are confirmed to be mature enough some day, no problem to change to it either :)


    Regarding D2A, I read from the readme that I should have arexx up and running. Do I need to copy anything from my OS3.9 CD on MorphOS to achieve that?

    To get ARexx working fully you need to install 68k version of rexxsyslib.library. You can do it with Grunch or manually.

    MorphOS comes with "dummy" version of it and that dummy one should be renamed away from the use (rename MOSSYS:Libs/rexxsyslib.library to MOSSYS:Libs/rexxsyslib.library_disabled) and then you can copy 68k version (from your OS3.9 CD for example) to SYS:Libs/


    Btw, don't know if I ;ve told you that before, but your guides (along with Yasu's blog) are the most valuable pieces of information for achieving ordinary tasks and modifying MorphOS :)

    Thanks :) I love MorphOS and I want to do my share to help others to love it too ;)
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