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    Thanks for your prompt answers man :)

    Did everything you described up above but I keep getting a wbrun assign requester for DOpus each time I boot (though I assign it). What could have been wrong?
    Btw, once I assign it, it opens Dopus on a custom screen (you know with 32 png icon support etc).
    Also, with Magellambient you cannot open standard Ambient listers whenever you want, similar to D2A behavior? Last but not least, I do find myself latest DOpus nightly build a bit unstable (keeps freezing in random times)... Should I revert to the 5.82 68 version?

    Regarding D2A, I read from the readme that I should have arexx up and running. Do I need to copy anything from my OS3.9 CD on MorphOS to achieve that?

    Btw, don't know if I ;ve told you that before, but your guides (along with Yasu's blog) are the most valuable pieces of information for achieving ordinary tasks and modifying MorphOS :)
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