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    Cool_amigaN wrote:
    How exactly I should use the magellambient.lha file? It comes without any readme :P

    Hmm... I've been using D2A myself last years, but I first had that magellambient too.. I'll try to remember :)


    I should copy the CxCommand to SYS:C or to Dopus5/C? What about the files inside the dopus drawer of Magellambient, where they should be copied to (lister and trapevent tools)?

    CxCommand goes to SYS:C. Stuff inside dopus drawer to Dopus's dir ( dopus5: ).


    Finally I should use the MagellanUnderAmbient icon in my MorphOS wbstartup drawer or the newer which comes with DOpus 5 nightly builds?

    MagellanUnderAmbient, that new thing is something else. I haven't taken those nightly builds in daily use yet.. original 5.82 feels still more solid.

    Anyway, these magellambient and d2a do basically work like this: you have them in wbstartup and they start the dopus itself, they hide its main window and do the tricks that dopus listers can be opened by clicking the Ambient desktop.

    D2A might be a bit cleaner solution and it does have docs :) I originally went for it, because it can be configured to open dopus listers with single middle click, which I found more handy. It also doesn't require dopus main window to be in backdrop mode, so it can be small and unnoticeable -> doesn't flash full screen before it gets hidden.


    Regarding the screenscrabs of your Ambeint in the guide, how do you create the down panel? Sorry for lots of questions :)

    It was combination of several programs: Statline, ClockToy, DOpus StartMenus, Ambient panel, and CPU Monitor.
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