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    Roland wrote:
    Thanks for the replies. Since I am running this inside UAE, I suppose that means I will have to live with that.

    I suppose you use HDF file (hard disk emulation) and that everything is saved. There is no difference to actual old Amiga, with except it is emulated.

    No, refer back to http://www.amiga.org/forums/showthread.php?t=55140
    and read it.

    Best to my understanding you should:

    Check S - startup sequence if it has LoadDB usually at the very end.
    edit it (replace) to old school loadwb command and that should be it.
    Other way around if you for any kinky reason need the workbench replacement.

    I share the flavor - I prefer power of Dopus 5 as file manager. Surely, back in the old Workbench OS 3 days it was powerful replacement (offering ScalOS too), but nowadays with cute MorphOS or OS4, its unnecessary.
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