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    Roland wrote:

    I downloaded Directory Opus from from the sourceforge page to run it inside uae and now I ask myself: how can I start Directory Opus without WBReplacement mode.
    I try to combine Scalos with DirectoryOpus but since Directory Opus creates its own fake workbench, scalos is gone until I quit DirectoryOpus.

    So how do I prevent DirectoryOpus from going Workbench replacement?

    Unchecking Backdrop in the menu makes the new "Workbench replacement" run in a window that I can minimize, but I still want that window gone. All options related to WB emulation have been turned off. The display section is on Use WB. Clone WB doesn't solve my issue.

    I think you're mixing terms here. WB replacement means that it completely loads instead of the WB.. so that loadwb is replaced with loaddb. I think you're just talking about its main window here, which contains device icons etc, but when dopus has started after WB has been loaded. It indeed is thought to be used more like wbreplacement or on its own screen together with wb.

    If you run DOpus directly under MorphOS then there are two tools (D2A and Magellambient) which allow automatic hiding of the dopus main window, but leave other dopus stuff visible. That's a good way to run dopus and Ambient together on same screen. I guess there could be some way to hide the main window on AmigaOS too, but I have never tried to find such...


    When you browse the internet it look like people only want directory opus as WB replacement, but it simply isn't there yet. MorphOs has a better WB replacement.

    Oh yes it is there absolutely :) At least if you compare it to WB or Scalos. Ambient is a different beast. You just have to get dopus configured for your taste and find the features it offers (manuals help here). I wouldn't use Magellan as anything else than wbreplacement on classic Amiga setups, so much it offers.
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