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    I downloaded Directory Opus from from the sourceforge page to run it inside uae and now I ask myself: how can I start Directory Opus without WBReplacement mode.
    I try to combine Scalos with DirectoryOpus but since Directory Opus creates its own fake workbench, scalos is gone until I quit DirectoryOpus.

    So how do I prevent DirectoryOpus from going Workbench replacement?

    When you browse the internet it look like people only want directory opus as WB replacement, but it simply isn't there yet. MorphOs has a better WB replacement.

    Unchecking Backdrop in the menu makes the new "Workbench replacement" run in a window that I can minimize, but I still want that window gone. All options related to WB emulation have been turned off. The display section is on Use WB. Clone WB doesn't solve my issue.


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