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    yes, this is an on going and old issue I've had with MorphOS every since I bought it.

    What it needs is something like NallePuh or PuhDerBaer for Amithlon, which redirects all audio that targets the Paula, and puts it through AHI instead. Without such software, all classic programs that depends upon Paula are of no use to us. I am SHOCKED that something like this was not implemented in MorphOS' early days.

    On that note, one of the developers on the MorphOS Zone site had told me that it should not be a difficult thing to pull off and that once he had finished his current work, he'd try to write something like that for us.

    So I ask all of you interested, to chime in on the MorphOS Zone forums and let them know that you want features like that so we can use our favourite tracker programs.
    That being said, Digibooster does not have MIDI support yet, OctaMED does, so that in itself is one reason why I my self REALLY want OctaMED running under MorphOS.
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