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    Because I want to use the OS3.1 environment without the .hdf method and I want to do this entirely using MorphOS, I came up with the following workaround for the "stuck at 12%" issue:

    Obtain the following three archives:


    OS3.1 needs to be installed by using version e-uae-0.8.28-2:
    - Extract contents of 'e-uae-0.8.28.lha' and 'e-uae-0.8.28-2.lha' to the same directory
    - Rename A1200.conf to .uaerc
    - Place kick.rom in main directory (PROGDIR:)
    - Create HardDisks/Workbench in PROGDIR:
    - Add 'filesystem2=rw,DH0:System:HardDisks/Workbench,1' to .uaerc
    - Startup emulation
    - Insert 'amiga-os-310-install.adf' (Ctrl Alt F1) and start installation

    During installation Installer complained about not having enough room for the contents of Fonts:

    Back to the directory where E-UAE_0.8.29-WIP4.lha is extracted:
    - Copy the Harddisks/Workbench folder from the old to the new location

    To get the contents of Fonts: to your Workbench directory:

    - Startup the emulation from the newer version of e-uae and open a Shell:

    3.System:> df0:
    3.Fonts:> copy ~(Disk.info) DH0:Fonts ALL

    The specified command makes sure to copy all content except Disk.info

    On a sidenote:

    E-UAE creates '_UAEFSDB.___' files randomly inside the Workbench directory. To turn this off, add the following line to .uaerc


    Getting additional files to your OS installation should be a lot easier now ;-)
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