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    Tested, it worked :) Now what?

    By the way, just to clarify, in the .conf file I should:
    1) Mount the AOS 3.9 installation like this "filesystem=rw,Workbench:sys:emulation/e-uae/HardDisks/aos" (NOT an hdf)
    2) Mount Ambient's drawer where my 68k exetubale I want to run is, like this: "filesystem=rw,Workbench:sys:emulation/e-uae/HardDisks/ppaint"
    Then right click 68k ppaint executable under Ambient and select "Run in UAE". That should load 3.9 and then automatically call the 68k ppaint executable. Do I get it right?

    Also, a slightly different question, I want to mount a CD under 3.1 but want to assign the name of the CD I insert automatically (i.e. I want to display T0 if I insert T-Zer0 cd). I have added in my uaerc the following line "filesystem2=ro,CD0:CD0:CD0:,0", but that mounts my physical CD and displays always "CD" in 3.1, therefore the games don't actually recognise that they runs rom their actual CD (CD behaves just like a mount drawer). My 3.9 installation does it autocmatically but II need it under 3.1. because it's more lightweight whereas I use 3.9 only for uae Picasso modes (which is somewhat slower, especially for games).
    How will I do it? I should mess directly with 3.1. adding a device? Actually I haven't a CD drive in my A1200 so, I never went into this kind of trouble before..
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