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    Just checked, had on sys:libs/ version 36.23 (17/04/1991) and I replaced it with the newer v. 44.1 (25/12/1999) from my OS3.9 installation. I 've put the library in MOSSYS:Libs as well (the dummy was already disabled) just in case, but still no go :(
    If I click Run in UAE it gets me until it has fully loaded the 68k enviromed (3.9).. I 'll check my s-s for the uaercli command just in case btw and revert.
    The 68k executable you want to run (from Ambient) should be a mapped drawer by e-uae as a filesystem, right?

    EDIT: Startup sequence on 3.9 is modified properly with uae_rcli in placed after LoadWB (and checked as executable under c:)

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