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    Given that this thread has become alive again, I have a couple of questions:

    1) What's the maximum floppy speed value on the config? Is it "800"?

    2) Is it possible to add floppy sounds on latest e-uae jit v 1.0? If yes, what's the config entry and has anybody the .wav sound set uploaded somewhere?
    From what I read RuninUAE has such capability in OS4, so it must be doable in our universe as well, I suppose..

    3) I followed the instructions how to launch an application inside UAE from Ambient (I am trying with PPaint 7.1c for AmigaOS 3.x) but I somehow failed to succeed. Just to get it straight, by choosing "Run in UAE" on the 68k executable, it will launch (my previously set up) full 3.1. environment which will automatically call the application I requested? And if I close the application (i.e. PPaint), I let UAE running on the background and choose "Run in UAE" on a different 68k executable, it will reuse my active UAE?
    Perhaps I have messed up where the scripts point to, will conduct more tests within today. However, is there any more transparent way of launching the classic application? You know, under a window which won't state UAE on the top, running a visible 3.x setup underneath etc..

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