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    Oh, there are many ways to get problems. E.g. this one here:
    1.) MOS prefs -> Screens -> New sceen
    2.) Open Odyssey
    3.) Right click to go to "MUI..." prefs of Odyssey -> Screen -> assign to new screen from 1.)
    4.) select "Bearbeiten ..." (guess in english it is called "Change ...") to change settings of this screen
    5.) change "background picture" of this screen -> where Texture.png is preselect change it to maybe Winter.jpg than OK -> OK -> Save
    6.) very often now I get a new window called "log server" with "Public Screen Manager" and "Unknown Exception"
    After this exception most times my main Ambient screen is gone and I only have the Odyssey screen left, but with that screen I can only surf the web till I close Odyssey an than I can not do anything else than move the mouse arround or make a cold restart with the power button.
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