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    I've been learning stuff....

    I started from scratch again. I installed WB3.1 and dragged all the nessecary .lha files (lha.run, installer-43_3.lha and WHDLoad_usr.lha) into my data folder. I then installed lha.run using the shell, from there I installed the installer (to make it easier for a newb such as myself to install WHDLoad) and once the installer was installed I instaled WHDLoad using all defaults.

    From there I installed Alien Breed by downloading the AlienBreed.lha from the WHDLoad website and installed using the disk images I have already using WHDLoad and the associated .lha off the WHLoad website....

    ....I thought I was really on a good thing...Then I tried to fire up the game....

    I went to C:AlienBreed and double clicked on 'AlienBreed' from there I got the time consuming text because I don't have a registered version and after a few seconds a window popped up saying "DOS-ERROR #205 (OBJECT NOT FOUND) ON READING "DISK 1".

    Anyone got any ideas as to what I may have done wrong?

    ....I'm learning... :)

    I apreciate all the time people have offered a newb such as myself and I hope that other enthusiests can learn from this thread, because, to be honest, guides for Amiga/MorphOS enthusiests such as myself that are starting out that are not translated are really thin on the ground.

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