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    Would it be more benificial fo me to download and install WHDLoad_usr.lha as opposed to WHDLoad_usr_small.lha?

    Once I've installed WHDLoad, how do I use it? (newbieness again...)


    Sonnet 1.8 is fast but believe me mdd 1.25 is a little faster..! This because L3 cache inside 1.25 (Sonnet hasn't) and a data bus faster (not so much: 133 mhz vs 166).
    Your G4 should be enough for MorphOS since this os needs no monster speed. Why don't you look for a sonnet 1.x too? There are some of them on ebay and are cheaper than a 1.8. And fast.

    TBH, with a 1.25ghz PPC processor overclocked to 1.5ghz, my Mac Mini is actually pretty fast, and once you disable double buffering 32mb of vram is enough even for enhanced desktop @ 24 bit. It's just that my G4 desktop has some history behind it and I'd love to cram a fast processor and 9600 - 9800 GPU in there and enjoy it again, didn't know about the disabled cache on the Sonet, cheers Jambalah.

    Impressed with the help guys, thank you very much.

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