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    I'd guess there's nothing wrong or ignored actually. It just boots from Data partition instead of that Workbench HDF, but both probably are there. You can press both mousebuttons on startup and see if you have two bootable partitions and try to boot from other.

    But we also could try to change boot priorities of the drives. I haven't used any UAE that much that I'd know how it arranges the boot order, but I'd try first to move that hardfile line in .uaerc before the filesystem line. With a luck that's enough and UAE boots from correct partition this time.

    If that doesn't help, then with a quick look on e-uae docs there seems to be filesystem2 and hardfile2 options for .uaerc, which allow you to define boot priorities.

    You could try to change this line:
    to this line:

    And change this line:
    to this line:
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