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    Has there been any new statements about the "Q-Box" being a future project of the MorphOS Dev. Team?

    I thought that the last word from the Dev. Team (and this was a fairly long time ago) was that the "Q-Box" was dead and had been abandoned, and that only the current "A-Box" would be worked on for the foreseeable future.

    This is why I ask if any of the MorphOS Dev. Team members have made an announcement, or even hinted at new work beginning on the "Q-Box".

    I also thought that one or more of the Dev. Team members have stated that NO work has been done on any architecture change, and that "IF" any change to a different architecture would be attempted, it would be a long time (years) before it could be completed.

    Are my impressions correct, or are there new statements or hints from any Dev. Team members that suggest a different impression of what is happening, or what might happen (or be started) within the next year?
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