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    Multicore, better MP and all that kind of stuff only make sense if you have to break compatibility no matter what you do. My "wish" was rather directed to a 64 bit version. Memory handling in MorphOS works quite well (you can never do anything about bad code: it crashes on MOS as well as Windows) and the system doesn't feel sluggish even on 10 year old HW.

    I'm a little wishy-washy when it comes to MorphOS and these kinds of requests. On the one hand I would really welcome new, modern hardware (even expensive hardware if it was worth it) and a 64 bit version. On the other hand, as soon as I remind myself that just changing HW doesn't mean that users nor new (or even old) software will automatically appear, I become less enthusiastic. My bet is that a lot of the people on various Amiga forums who claims they would buy an Amiga system if it was cheap wouldn't really. They would start complaining that there are no software etc.

    That's why I think the best approach would be to make the 64 bit MorphOS on a G5 so you could have a dual boot. It would give programmers a way to start porting to that system. But it also only make sense if you stick with PPC (let's see how Open POWER works out).

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