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    Yasu wrote:

    Of course. We just hope it can be done, someday, somehow. I'm prepare to donate to a bounty for that. We got G5 support that way, so I guess it's a way :-)

    If the MorphOS Dev. Team members ever thought it was a worthwhile effort, I would also support a bounty. From what I have read in this thread though, it does not appear to be worth the effort, because the benefit would be too small and the effort to create it is too great. One or both of those things would need to change, to make any kind of multiprocessing project & bounty worthwhile.

    I wonder if the effort to do AMP on AmigaOS4.x will turn out the same as their laptop/netbook, and we will see an announcement 6 months or a year from now telling us that, after further review and working on the project, it has been cancelled, for what ever reason.

    I don't wish for anyone to fail at their efforts, but always want real information and updates on progress.
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