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    Jim wrote:
    If we could find a good carrier board that would just require a CPU card, the T1042 could help us realize a low cost PPC platform.

    T1022 and T1042 SoC cards should be coming available now.
    (there seems to be small delay, LE for several releases was April 2014)

    And when using separate carrier board, it means higher cost than stand alone board with onboard T1. And as these Qoriq chips have so huge amount of things built in (like connection to four PCIe card slots, basic built in graphics, etc.) there might not be carrier that can handle enough.

    Too bad that when there is so limited amount of SW developers, there is even less next gen HW developers. Only ACube? (A-Eon outsources the R&D for highest cost)
    But then there is a lot of HW gurus spitting out classic HW stuff...

    To me it seems PPC chip options are better than a few years back, so perhaps we see nice things happening soonish. (also crowd funding seems to have become usable as well)

    continuing about multicore...
    We do not have R&D resources for it, but all modern PPC SOC support HW partitioning and virtualizations to allow several operating systems to be running at the same time. So it is perfectly doable to have MorphOS3 on core0, AmigaOS4 on core1, Multicore64bitmemoryprotectedOS on cores 2...23.

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