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    In_Correct wrote:
    May I ask, how many new hardwares contain more than one processing core?...

    IMO: it would be futile to design/produce a board with single core CPU.
    Multicore variants are not that much more expensive and by using multicore SoC, the HW might be interesting also to some Linux/Android geeks etc..

    For example Quad core T1042 will be available for USD65...USD80 and T1022 will surely be cheaper.
    When the system price will anyway be around USD250...300 or more, a few 10USD in SOC price is not that important.
    So I personally would leave singecore T1 PPC models out of the question.

    The board that I'm looking forward to buy and experiment with: T1042RDB-PA ~$1,100
    :-x :-P 8-)
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