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    WB_Coder wrote:

    It is closer to 90% of all G4 & G5 PowerMacs will have stock (from Apple) Dual CPU cards in them

    For the G5 thats obviously true, but for the G4 thats utter nonsense.

    Dual (stock) configs prior to MDD/FW800 versions make up only a very tiny fraction of whats being offered around here on ebay or elsewhere.

    Comes with little suprise considering the hefty pricetag these units had back in the day compared to the rather limited gains they offered (remember lots of Mac users were still on OS9 at that time and even the early versions of OSX weren't as SMP-friendly as today).

    Add the fact that most MorphOS users locking for such a unit in the past few years would have prefered single CPU configs due to heat/noise/power considerations.
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