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    bigfoot wrote:
    The 12% figure was the upper limit, not the lower limit. Those 12% can only be reached if you assume that all Powermac G4 machines have a third party CPU upgrade.

    In reality it's close to 0% than 12%, and an educated guess would be maybe 4%.

    It is closer to 90% of all G4 & G5 PowerMacs will have stock (from Apple) Dual CPU cards in them and if the MorphOS Dev. Team plans to stay with the PPC architecture, almost all NEW PPC CPUs will be multicore.

    But as I said before, if the MorphOS Dev. Team thinks the benefit for applications and speed is small and the work to implement AMP is very large, it makes no sense to do it at all.

    I completely trust the members of the MorphOS Dev. Team to make that decision (except for Bigfoot, who does not know that almost all G4 PowerMacs were sold with factory dual G4 CPU cards in them). ;-)

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