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    jacadcaps wrote:
    Do you guys really think it makes sense to put loads of work into something that will benefit less than 12% of the user base? The most popular machines are all single-core.


    I agree with Andreas_Wolf, that if any kind of multiple processor, or multicore support were to be added to MorphOS some time in the future, it would have a dramatic effect in the number of MorphOS users who would purchase multi CPU, or multicore compatible systems. Also, if you assume that many, or most of the users who currently have Dual G4, and/or Dual G5 systems are also owners of one or more of the single G4, or single G5 systems you would need to subtract that number of users from the total number of licenses sold to get an accurate percentage of Dual CPU system users, compared to single CPU system users, and doing this math would raise the percentage of Dual CPU users much higher than the stated 12%.

    The future of PPC systems is obviously multicore, as can be seen in new Freescale designs. See the latest discussion about this in the X1000 thread here on MorphZone.org.

    BUT......and this is very important for all of us "users" to consider, if the MorphOS Dev. Team researches and decides that the amount of benefit that could ever be gained from implementing some kind of modified AMP on MorphOS, modified so that we would not lose all backward compatibility with Amiga software, if that benefit is too small, when measured against the effort to develop such a modified AMP structure for MorphOS, then we must listen to them and stop asking for a feature that does not advance our favorite OS.

    It seems to me that there are a few members of the MorphOS Dev. Team who are saying just that. That the AMP that many of the users would like to see some day is a waste of time and effort and will NOT be worked on any time soon, if ever.

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