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    > Do you guys really think it makes sense to put loads of work into something that will
    > benefit less than 12% of the user base? The most popular machines are all single-core.
    > https://morph.zone/modules/news/article_storyid_2068.html

    I believe the share of G5 machines (and thus also dual-G5 machines) may have increased since that statistics was published 9 months ago (i.e. only about 3 months after introduction of initial G5 support), especially considering that support for those machines has been enhanced in subsequent MorphOS releases. But you should know the current numbers better than I do, so maybe I assume wrongly.
    Also, you may have the cause-effect relationship backwards: MorphOS users may currently prefer single-CPU machines also because the second CPU would only act as unnecessary power eater anyway. As soon as MorphOS would support multiprocessing, this could change for a significant number of users because they could start looking for multi-CPU machines in particular. But this is also only an assumption.
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