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    jacadcaps wrote:..The most popular machines are all single-core. ...

    Future is not single core. Not anywhere.

    The more work is put in single core API, the more further away is the next generation.

    IMHO, MorphOS team did superb work to recreate single core - no memoryprotection - 32bit AmigaOS + more (they won in the challenge).
    Now, please, bring us the alpha of the MorphOS-NG!

    (what kind of bounty would be needed to get dirty+quick NG version?)

    about AMP: the team has the competence/learnings from PowerUP, NG of that would be nicer than just keeping the other cores halted.

    And one more note: creating some use for other cores would encourage the development of new multicore PPC HW. (for EUR200, something like Efika, but with T1022 should be pretty doable ... also T1014 could be an option, for even lower price)

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