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    Samurai_Crow wrote:

    One advantage the AROS team has that the MorphOS team doesn't is that the authors of AROS were free to relicense.

    Nobody is free to relicense other people's work, so no, that's not true.


    To do the same thing in MorphOS or AmigaOS 4.x would require purchasing or licensing some closed-source kernel that would work well for Amiga-like responsiveness. It would also have to run on PowerPC which is increasingly difficult to find. I don't know if Blackberry is willing to license the QNX kernel out any more, now that it's been bought out.

    Assuming we wanted MorphOS to run on top of Linux, we could do that. There would be nothing stopping us from doing that. See Amithlon for an example. So no, that's not true either.
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