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    Just finished watching the YouTube video of Steve Solie talking at AmiWest 2013 where he talked a little bit about the progress made on the AmigaOS4.x "X Kernel".

    I know that there has been some small amount of discussion about the possibility of MorphOS ever using any kind of multiprocessing to take advantage of the dual G4, or G5 CPUs in our PowerMacs, but I don't remember what the official position of the MorphOS Dev. Team is on this subject, or if any of the Dev. Team members have mentioned anything regarding the possibility of MorphOS ever being able to take advantage of more than one CPU, or more than one core on multicore CPUs.

    I don't have the patience and search skills to find threads here, or sources elsewhere on the Internet to find all discussions about this topic, so I am asking here to find the answer if the answer is "NO, MorphOS will never have multicore, or multi CPU support", of if the answer is "Maybe, there might be some way in the future for MorphOS to implement some kind of multi CPU, or multicore support without completely breaking all backward compatibility with all legacy software".

    Also my other question is this; have any members of the MorphOS Dev. Team, or other third party MorphOS developers, listened to the Steven Solile YouTube video and from the small amount of information he discussed there, can you tell us anything new about the way that Hyperion plans to implement multicore support, without breaking legacy support. Did he give any hints about how THEY are planning on side stepping the problems that would break legacy support, or did he give any hints about what kind of multicore support will be used in AmigaOS4.2?

    I know that many here will say "Who Cares what AmigaOS4.x does", but I think it is relevant to all MorphOS users who own dual G4 & dual G5 PowerMacs and any MorphOS user who would like to see SMP/AMP support to provide additional power and speed for MorphOS some time in the future.

    Personally, I would think that adding some kind of SMP/AMP to our existing PPC MorphOS would be easier and quicker to implement than porting MorphOS to the ARM, or x64 architectures, but only the MorphOS Dev. Team could really know that answer.

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