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    > I assume they are, because it reads at http://www.morphos-team.net/hardware
    > Apple PowerBook G4**
    > * * - Only models with a Radeon graphics chip are supported.

    This same note was already there before any Titanium model was supported:


    If the statement was misleading back then, I don't see how you can assume that it ensures support for all Titanium models with Radeon now.

    > unless someone has any better info, I'm leaning to believe
    > that they are supported.

    That thread may be read as 3,5 being the only Titanium supported. It's ambiguous, admittedly. I also remember a discussion about this on the MorphOS mailing list to the effect that pre-3,5 PowerBooks are not supported. Let's hope the MorphOS team will clarify.
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