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    I have published next public version (0.10.16) of my Git Desktop, a graphical git frontend for MorphOS.

    Current features are:

    - add existing repository
    - clone from remote repository
    - create (init) new repository
    - switch, rename, delete branch (only for local ones)
    - create branch from current or from selected
    - list of tracked/untracked file(s)
    - stage/unstage changes
    - commit with short (and full message)
    - fetch, pull, push
    - view (raw/color) diffs for changed files (few modes including SPLIT mode)
    - list of stashes with preview
    - stash actions: stash, apply, drop, drop all, pop
    - changes history (for now limited to latest 50 log entries) also with showing (raw/color) diffs of changed files
    - undo last commit
    - discard changes for given tracked/untracked file
    - discard changes for selected/all files
    - stash given file
    - stash selected files
    - edit given tracked/untracked file, via external editor -> Flow Studio
    - help viewer for git subcommands

    App is in beta state! Still miss many features. And has at least some bugs/problems.

    git.desktop_mos.2.png <-- SPLIT Diff Mode !!!

    Available at MorphOS-Storage and Aminet.
    tdolphin.org     tdolphin.itch.io     GitHub
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