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    A new version is available.

    OS3 is now supported with some limits. Builds included are for 020 and 020/881.
    See the OS3-readme-file for details...


    1.1 (15.03.2015)
    - Ported to OS3.
    - Added a better cache-system. Now 8 blocks are cached for reading.
    - Added a custom string-format function and dropped the usage of exec/rawfmt.h
    - Fixed a possible memory-override in the debug/log functions.
    - Removed requirement of the AROS_ALMOST_COMPATIBLE definition.
    - A popup will show up on OS3 if a volume is too big to mount or format. (> 2TiB)
    - New library-init routines with a popup for errors.
    - The configured disksize must now match the disksize stored in the superblock,
    else the volume will not mount. (thx Martok)
    - Added a popup that displays some infos after formating a volume.
    - Code cleanup and more conversion to amiga-syle.
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