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    Dr. Morbius solution solved my problems :-)

    Thanks for all the help!!

    Just a last question. I bought the system from Vesalia with Debian installed.

    Swap is on partition 3 and LNX on 4.

    Anybody got any experience with that kind of setup. Eg. how I boot Debain again? :-)

    I have a suspision that I have to have a LNX boot image on dh0: but I am unsure how to get / create it since I don't have a floppy installed, and the only instructions I have found with google is for a floppy setup.

    Last question. Is the RAM checker in the MorphOS install script reliable? I get an error with my RAM from Vesalia when I use the script, but the system works flawlesly if I just copy the files over manually!

    Thanks in advance!

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