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    Thanks for all the help!

    I used the command and succesfully booted on the CD :-)

    I then made a new bootimg partition and a DH0 partiion in the beginning of the HD. Bootimg cycle 2-18 and DH0 cycle 19 to 1700 and something.

    I have presered my old work partition and the linux partitions at the end of the disk.

    I installed MorphOS and rebooted thinking that the bootimg is on partition 0 (it is the first on the disk).

    But no. :-) now it seems like bootimg is on partition 3 on the disk.

    And when I try to boot from it it says that the partition is in an unsupported file format. I have used the correct FFS system.

    I am a bit confused here. How can the bi0 partition in the beginning of the disk suddenly be partition number 3 and how can I change it back?

    I would be sad to have to make a lowlewel format.....
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