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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > G5 ID 11,2: [...] 1.9 MIPS/MHz/core

    This should be 2.9.

    Very probably correct value is 1.9 MIPS/MHz/core - I have to search original source, but fact is, that G4 is faster on same frequency than G5. And G4 has 2.3 MIPS/MHz/core


    > AmigaOne X5000: [...] 3.0 MIPS/MHz/core

    Some newer Freescale/NXP docs say it's 3.3 (32-bit) and 3.4 (64-bit).

    NXP QorlQ sheets for P5010, P5020, P5021 and P5040 (QP5020FS REV 6 and P50405021FS REV 4 ) says 3 DMIPS/MHz per core - i.e core e5500.
    Of course, different document revisions can have different values, but a little.

    e6500 core has 3.4 MIPS/MHz/core, but in single-thread mode, and 3.0 MIPS/MHz/thread ( 6.0 per core ) in dual-thread mode. This core is dual-thread capable and has SIMD (AltiVec), e5500 not. Unfortunately, we have no MorphOS computer with e6500 core yet.
    For this numbers I don't know document nr, it is from NXP Community TechSupport. FactSheets for different e6500 CPUs gives slightly different values.

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