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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > I can confirm your conclusions from the total energy uptake POV

    What's notably off though is the standby consumption of the iMac G5, where you measured 11 W and Kronos only 3.3 W.

    The device I've bought is really cheap so I wouldn't trust it to 100% precise.

    Difference can be up to variations in the PSU (and they decay of the notorious caps) or maybe some "wake on LAN" feature that may exist and be activated.

    FYI just did my old 27" (2560x1440) Dell and it claims 0.0W for standby and 37.3W when used. Given that is almost 1.5 times the surface of the 22" with just 2W more I am starting to suspect that the 22" is just bad.
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