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    matt3 wrote:
    Quick update:

    I updated the firmware on the NAS and SMB1 was disabled. I was able to get around it in the end, but as mentioned earlier in this thread SMBv1 is being phased out because of all the ransomware attacks that exploit v1.

    "Being phased out" is a curious choice of words. It may be almost a decade now that it's been disabled in Windows by default. CIFS filesystem on Linux, and Windows via adjusting group management settings, can still access it via switches if required. I suppose you mean that these workarounds may someday be removed, which is likely at least for Windows.

    I know this pain, as I own two NAS and a SMB-capable media player and they all, while being still in perfect working order and daily use, require SMBv1 connections. (I was kinda copying for new EU legislation to force vendors to push security updates to their devices for a decade to come in soon, but then we left the EU and now we have sewage in our sea and bankers bonuses caps removed, so there's that...) Wouldn't help me though, my stuff is ancient.

    Edit: I think it's a shame that standalone computers like Raspberry Pi are so badly limited when it comes to SATA and handle all their USB on the same PCI lane, or they'd make a nice NAS. The Pi4 at least separates network and USB on different lanes but it runs too hot to be a real NAS. There has been a sudden price drop in a lot of Mini x64 PCs lately, but they do tend to also run hot... and suck.

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