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    Amigaharry2 wrote:
    From 1,6GHz up to 2,7GHz: 50° up to 90° (depends on frequency).
    CPU has a internal "fuse" against overheating - it stops if its running too hot.

    Chiptemps of 100°C and more seems normal in these days.......

    Generally though you should be aiming at 70-75C top for a GPU or CPU on any system modern or classic, because the temperature sensor isn't the hottest part of the chip. Most modern CPUs will start throttling at 90-100C, but anyone who allows them to get to such temperatures badly needs to either replace their thermal paste or buy a better cooler or fan.

    The danger isn't so much that the chip will burn out or desolder itself - at least for a G5 mac - but that sustained cycles of heating and cooling will eventually break something via simple thermal expansion/contraction. Or that one of the caps that supply the CPU with power will just pop.
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