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    "Why do you have the same device, the Matsushita (Panasonic) UJ-835E listed 11 times in the settings of Jalapeno?"

    >I would like to know :-) It's the "bug"

    "Having said that, you seem to still have the UJ-835E set as the default "burner" (Default Disc Copy Source) drive - were you aware of that too?"

    >Yes, Jalapeno has put it automaticaly in "Source". About string "Default Disk Copy Source" for me it's the source not the "Destination" (Writer).

    "Isn't once enough/sufficient, or is Jalapeno adding the drive automatically into settings? If not, then I'd delete the duplicate entries as they seem to be serving no purpose."

    >Yes, Jalapeno add automaticaly it in the settings.

    "If the GWA-4165B DVD/CDRW drive is on the internal IDE channel, then I would have thought it would write/read DVD-R/W and CD-R/W discs, but it seems to be set as Slave (IDE-2)!"

    >I have 2 SATA Harddrive ("first way" reconnize as IDE) and the internal DVD Drive is on the "second way" IDE.

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