Important Notice regarding X5000 Firmware Updates
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    > this firmware rom is mostly different from Amiga Kickstart ROMs.
    > [...] classic Amiga ROM (or ROM image in RAM) continues to play
    > a significant role once the OS is up and running.

    This is because classic AmigaOS is actually two-part, disk-based and ROM-based, with the Amiga Kickstart ROM containing the ROM-based portion of the OS. The MorphOS equivalent of the Amiga Kickstart ROM is the boot.img, which is obviously not firmware, but OS. OS4 maintains a similar scheme.
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    amigakit wrote:
    A-EON Technology is not affiliated to the "ExecSG" team as Trevor has pointed out.

    The private branch of the firmware is used for testing and developing the ExecSG projects and has nothing to do with the consumer release of the firmware.

    The official X5000 firmware that is distributed on X5000 systems and board is the version that BigFoot has worked on for A-EON over some years.

    He is the official maintainer of the firmware for A-EON. A-EON is happy for this relationship to continue going forward and presumably BigFoot is too (his schedule permitting).

    And yet, the official maintainer of the firmware for the X5000 systems is asked for help in compiling or setting up an environment that can compile the source code, and is ignored and kept in the dark, regarding projects that modify the firmware he is supposed to be maintaining.


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    Wow. Talk about mistreating a developer. This is so wrong on so many levels.
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