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    >> the X5000's U-Boot contains an x86 emulator

    > how that works with the code embedded on a card is beyond me.

    The x86 emulator executes the x86 code embedded on the card, just like has always been done on the Pegasos or the Efika 5200B (both with SmartFirmware).

    > Sound like he merely needs to move the drive to the SiI3114 card

    Move from where?

    > I'm not sure how you would specify that drive (as a boot drive) without some
    > low level selection (as in a BIOS). Or would the MorphOS bootloader be
    > engineered to get around that?

    I don't know the details of U-Boot but it's clear that U-Boot needs to be told (via a set variable or something) where the MorphOS boot.img is* and that the boot.img needs to be told where the MorphOS system files are (unless they are on the same partition so that they are found automatically, or the RDB 'bootable' flag is set on the MorphOS system partition).

    * Edit: According to cyfm, this is apparently not the case with MorphOS on Cyrus/X5000 and Sam460, where a second-level bootloader (Hyperbootloader) is deployed, so that U-Boot loads the Hyperbootloader, which in turn loads the MorphOS boot.img.

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