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    > I envy your procession of that SIL3114 card, but I don't know if you can boot
    > from that. I used to own a G4 PowerMac with a bootable SATA controller [...].
    > I think it would all depend on the firmware supporting the controller (and
    > vice versa, in other words, the controller I had was firmware compatible).

    In contrast to the PPC Mac's OpenFirmware, the X5000's U-Boot contains an x86 emulator, so that's not an issue there.
    As always*, the computer's firmware must be able to understand both the drive's partition scheme as well as the file system of the drive's partition containing the MorphOS boot.img. And as the boot.img happens to contain an SiI3114 driver, the MorphOS system files can reside on the same drive/partition (or on another drive connected to the SiI3114, if that's wanted) as well.

    * Edit: According to cyfm, this is apparently not the case with MorphOS on Cyrus/X5000 and Sam460, where a second-level bootloader (Hyperbootloader) is deployed, so that U-Boot loads the Hyperbootloader, which in turn loads the MorphOS boot.img.

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