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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > Pegasos I was ruined by a bad chipset

    The chipset bugs were remedied by the April2 chip, which, while slightly lowering performance, means that the bugs were not exposed."

    Wrong on two counts. One, April2 did not fix all the bugs - my Peg1 still had DMA hangs from time to time. Two, it wasn't slightly lowering performance - the April chip bottlenecked the whole system and made RAM speeds ridiculously poor, and AGP not even worth having.


    > the Efika has no ram.

    The low amount of RAM on the Efika 5200B is not a bug.

    But also it made it incredibly unsuitable for desktop. The 5200B was aimed more at fixed kiosks.


    And virtually nothing of this mess has been caused by hardware bugs, at least when applying the generally accepted meaning of the term.

    They were untested CPUs, ballasted by untested chipsets, mounted on untested board logic. Almost nobody else in the world used them. Anyone who tried would learn the bugs the hard way. Of course part of the mess was caused by hw bugs.

    Why won't you ever accept that PPC is dead because of these problems? You continue to argue forever while the world moved on 20 years ago.

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