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    Thank's for the reply. I read the whole readme and tested may combinations, but nothing helps. The Peg2 seems just to weak.

    I just state things like they are and I'm not used to talk in phrases. It may sound rude sometimes, but helps to bring an issue to the point. Would you be happy, if you buy a product that does not work as expected? Wouldn't you also be a "disgruntled customer"? Okay, enough of this topic now.

    For your benchmaking. You could try RTCW. It does use an advanced version of the Q3-engine with higher textures. If also features a timedemo iirc.

    I also wrote a benchmark app about 15 year ago. If you want to give it a try, I'll send you the user-database via email because synchronization does not work anymore. PM me, if interested.

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