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    The 'best' router hmm, it depends on it's usage. For you, maybe I could suggest Lancom from Germany.

    - Many features and actual standards are supported, but not all.
    - If a feature is supported, it is supported to detail. Nothing is left out.
    - Enormous performance. (e.g. for my almost two year old router: VPN+AES 330 MBit/s, HW-FW + HW-NAT 930 MBit/s)
    - Quality hardware with own high-security OS. Recent releases, betas and immediate reaction on vulnerabilities. (of course no custom firmware possible)
    - Excellent support. A problematic router of mine was replaced by a brand new one within two days.

    - Hard to config for a network newbie. SNMP3 config- and monitoring-tools are only available for Windows. On other platforms, one have to use the web-interface or a shell for manual setup, which is quiet painful. But of course auto-config via e.g. RADIUS is also supported.
    - A little, ahm. very expensive. But features, performance and support justify the price.
    - Some models does have a fan, which could be noisy if nearby.

    LC is not for a normal user, who doesn't want to go into details and also not for big companies. LC is for network nerds (I'm not a nerd :), which like to play with in deep features and don't get mad, if a new beta-version they just tried, broke something else.
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