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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:

    >> quote source at approximately 21:50

    > I didn't watch or listen to this presentation back then (or any other time),
    > so thanks for rechecking. Seems like there was some (probably unintentional)
    > misrepresentation occuring afterwards, which many (me included) fell for
    > ...and A-Eon didn't feel the need to clarify.

    Clarification by A-Eon from 2 months ago (see 'Update' section):


    So, to summarize:
    2015: Quote:

    It's our intention that we are building a thousand of these in the first run

    2018: Quote:

    matter of starting production

    I would think the only update that might mean anything here would be:
    "we have begun production", which I have yet to see.

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